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Crane Swamp

Crane Swamp, named after the swamp located on the unit, consists of approximately 28,000 acres. 

The area has a major mitigation bank that allows for a true hunting experience, free of dog hunting and deer feeders. 

This area can be hunted with archery, primitive weapons, or modern guns, and also has a significant area where dog hunting and deer feeders are permitted. 


Crane Swamp is accessible by Possum Club Road to the north, which is the western extension of State Road 442 (Indian River Blvd - Edgewater) - nearby to New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater.  

Numerous entry points are available from the south end from Maytown Road, which runs from Osteen to Oak Hill - Osteen (nearby amenities include Wal-Mart and convenience stores.) 

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